Gender Difference in Blogging

Gender Difference in Blogging

The world has completely changed after the introduction of the Iternet due to the various innovations that people do online to make their lives easier. Blogging is common in the world today, and many companies have taken it as a tool to market their products. Blogs are website discussions, which contain thoughts and posts on a wide range of topics such as education, politics, entertainment, fashion, and sports. In early years blogging was dominated by males but the blogosphere has changed because in the modern world many bloggers are females. Blogging is of interest to me because I follow blogs every day and I have come to realize that women write most blogs compared to men. When I follow women blogs, I note that they adhere to the federal trade commission (FTC) guidelines which aim at protecting consumers from being misused by advertisers. Based on my personal experience I have realized men are no longer recognized as the only bloggers in the society. Women write the blogs I follow, and they tend to be insightful and attractive to read. This essay is a personal experience of the gender difference in blogging in the modern world where women have devoted themselves in this field for money and to educate the society.

There is a wide variety of topics that I follow online which includes design, branding, fashion and style, fitness and body, and food among others. Most of these topics are written by women indicating that in the current world blogging industry has been dominated by women. My love for fashion and style makes me search for new fashion in the market, and women write the blogs I find most appealing and interesting to read. Some of my favorite bloggers in fashion and style blogs include Julia Roy, Ariel Stallings, Abby Larson and Nicole. Their posts on, for example, in and are insightful, innovative and full of photos that are attractive. These women’s blogs have different types of fashion such as wedding styles but post their blogs frequently with feminism topics explaining how they manage their companies to make more profits (Roy, 2017). When I follow their blogs am satisfied that their products are of good quality and they give guidelines on how their clothes should be worn as per FTC disclosure guidelines. They tell the truth about their products without offending their customers which encourages me to read their blogs often. The privacy policy is indicated at the end of the page that all images are owned by the fashion owner to protect them from being taken by another blogger committing an offense (Nicole, 2017).

Cooking is my favorite hobby, and during my free time, I check for food and cooking blogs. Women are known to take care of families by giving them a balanced diet and tasty food, and, therefore, they write and post most family recipes online. Most of the food blogs I find online are written by women such as Amanda Boyce, Pim Techamauanvivit, and Elizabeth Sachs. Their blogs on and contain passionate videos about the steps to follow when cooking a certain meal. The blogs are decorated with gorgeous photos and a simple well-detailed procedure which is easy to follow when they are cooking.  The ingredients are arranged accordingly, and the process of cooking is made easier enhancing my cooking skills.

These blogs are also educative because I learn about family issues and how to solve family conflicts in a peaceful way. Women blogs on food contain new and innovative, but accessible recipes and they encourage me to eat a healthy meal that is enjoyable. The blogs contain interviews with health experts and nutritionists explaining how to eat certain food to avoid lifestyles diseases such as diabetes, and through these blogs, I learn how to prevent such diseases. The bloggers follow health guidelines as a requirement of the FTC which demands that advertisers must support their claims with solid evidence when dealing with food (Liu & Chang, 2010).

Most companies in the United States are now utilizing the skills demonstrated in blogging by women because they maintain excellent customer relations. Most women have been hired as marketing assistant to market products online by posting their use and importance (Guadagno, Okdie & Eno, 2008). I cannot buy a product if it has not received positive online reviews and, therefore, I keep checking different posts on products to see whether the people like it or not. If a product that I want to buy receives many positive comments, I go ahead to purchase it because the public has tested that it is of good quality. Women posts receive most reviews because of their choice of language and tone and, therefore, visiting these blogs helps me to purchase the right product in the market.

In conclusion, in the modern world, women are dominant the blogging industry as opposed to the earlier years when men were the only recognized bloggers. Women write most of the blogs I found online, and they are attractive and entertaining to read. Women posts varieties of topics such as politics, food, branding, fashion and styles among others and my experience on the several topics I searched proved that women write more blogs than men. The blogosphere is protected by the FTC policies which protect both the advertisers and the customers from any form of misuse. Bloggers are also protected from external attacks for expressing their ideas and thoughts.

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