Five Most Common Problems the Teacher Can Face With Launching Online Learning

The forces of digitization and technology are forcing all domains of our lives to go online. Whether it is seeking medical advice, paying bills, or even communication, the flow of information on the internet and the interconnectedness of websites allow for seamless execution of tasks.

When it comes to the education arena, learning institutions have not been left out. Increasingly, learning institutions are going online. These institutions have created online programs which make e-learning possible. Teachers have been briefed and trained on the operability of these online platforms. Students can access these platforms from any place in the world at the ease of their computers.

However, it is not all glory and glory. Like with any other sector, the introduction of new methodologies is bound to have some challenges as well as ramifications. Launching online learning comes with its own unique set of problems to the teacher and the student as well.

Organizing and Setting Students Up for Learning

Online learning differs significantly with traditional learning. Online learning involves transferring traditional learning business and activity to the online space. The traditional learning space involves one-on-one discussions, asking of questions, personal assessment, as well as group discussions. Most online platforms’ designs account for these specifications, but then there is the challenge of organizing students, or at least monitoring and evaluating them on the online platform.

Organizing students can prove difficult. The teacher can find it challenging to set up groups where students can discuss. While students could organize themselves and set up groups, the chances are high that the whole set up and results for that matter will be sub-optimal.

Technical Difficulties

Effective online learning requires the students and teacher as well to be conversant with the use of software and hardware. Online learning is different from other sites where people interact with the internet. Many aspects directly related to the usage of computers come into play when looking at the issue of online learning.

Due to deficiencies in knowledge regarding software and hardware usage, the teacher could face a couple of challenges when launching online learning. The teacher could not be well-versed with software usage, which could weigh in on the whole project.

On the contrary, the students could not be conversant with the online learning platform compared to their teacher. This scenario means that the teacher cannot monitor or at least proceed with online classes. On this account, technical difficulties could prove a challenge for the teacher when it comes to launching online learning.


The process of training the students on the usage of the online learning platform could prove difficult. Not all students will attend such training, and even in 100% training scenarios, the chances are high that some students will not fully grasp the operability of the online learning platform.

Therefore, this could make the whole online learning thing an uphill task, thus impairing the teacher’s plans with regards to launching online learning programs. Further, since online activities are subject to change and dynamism, gathering students to retrain them on some aspects is something that needs to be put into consideration when launching online learning, since at some point – it will come in the way of the online learning program.

Lack of Requisite Hardware

Online learning requires a lot of internet and internet activity in general. A lot of research is essential, most of which will require the web. When it comes to this research, students need to have computers or laptops that have a set of specifications that allow for seamless internet activity.

This is not something that you can guarantee since not all students can have the necessary hardware unless it is provided to them by the institution of learning. This deficiency in necessary hardware could make the whole process of launching online learning cumbersome to the teacher since some students will miss out due to their lack of proper computers or devices.


The rate at which students come on board could be irregular, which could weigh in on the launching process. Before the launching of the online learning platform, some activities precede, including an assessment of the course, and preliminary mock tests for the platform. These initial tests give an overview of what is to come with the real online learning platform, and a challenge that the teacher is highly likely to encounter is inconsistency.

Inconsistency with regards to the students that get on board as per set schedules, those that register on the platform according to set timelines, as well as the rate of checking in online may negatively impact the rollout of online learning.

In summary, the technicalities involved when it comes to online activity could stand in the way of launching a reliable online learning program. For the teacher, whether the challenges or difficulties are of their own, or originate from the students; the net effect weighs on them as the instructor, which makes the whole online learning program challenging to facilitate.

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